this weekend

Well, this weekend was awesome! Here's how it went:
On Thursday, I picked up the rental car and took all of out camping gear and EVERY blanket in the house, and about 10 pillow into the car. Went and picked NEssa up from school and we were on our way. We headed about what was supposed to be about 2 1/2 hours southwest, but ended up taking a lot longer becasue of construction, an accident, and traffic, but it was ok. We stopped at an AMAZING wal mart, I know, it sounds hickish, but wal mart seriously kicks as,, I mean, serial you guys. We got camping stuff and some things to start our fire and headed to the campground. Got there at about 9:15pm when the gates closed at 10:00pm. Found campsite 91 (the best one to reviewers) and set up out little tent. It's not that tall (about 3'5"), not that stright, and kinda flaling over, but hey, it zips up :-). I made an awesome fire, we had some smores, snacks, drinks, and headed to our cold little tent. We woke up to a whole bunch of coyotes howling, it was very cool. And the stars... OMG, wow, it was amazing and beautiful, serene, quiet, just perfect.
We woke up and headed down the road to the Starved Rock state park trails. We hiked a little bit, headed up stars, through amazing canyons (and we were AMAZED by these little wild mice, it was strange), saw really cool plants and flowers and saw some AMAZING waterfalls. The wilcat canyon was the best, it was surrounded by a canyon, nobody was around, and it was just beautiful. We stayed there for about a half hour, and unfortunately, RIGHT when we got there, the camera died... ugh, oh well, I took some pictures with my phone, lol. We headed on our way, saw some cool woodpeckers, some more awesome trails, and realized we were getting sun burned. We kept going through the trails and eventually got back through to where we started, it was still early, and we had seen so much, it was amazing. We then headed down to the horse back riding place. Went on a little trail around a corn field, pet a whole bunch of the horses, realized that when we get a horse, I kinda want a female, and rode in a group comprised of us 2 and the guide. Before hand, we talked to the other guy that was there and he told us an amazing place to go to in starved rock as well, so we headed off to that. We went through the trail, and this was much less maintained. NOBODY was there, not 1 soul, which was awesome. We had to go over the rivers over branches, rocks and through the water to progress, obviuosly, the park didn't really care much about hsi trail, heh. We got through.. and got to the point the guy was talking about, but we had to get a little further. It wa s abig lagoon, but we knew there was more past. I was ready to swim in there, I started taking off my shirt and shoes, and then nessa saw another way over. So we headed up a mountain and saw the most amzing sight. We were at the top of a waterfall and we were awestruck. We sat and had our lunch there in the serene woods, and had a wonderful time. When we left, we heaed to the cute little town of Utica. It had about 15 shops over 2 blocks, and one of them was apottery shop, it was amazing. We went into an antique shop but the fudge shop was closed :-(. We headed back to the campsite, poured our drinks into water bottles, becasue alchohal was prohibited, and had a grnad old time. The campsite became MUCH more crowded, but come nightfall, it was fine. Oh, forgot to mention, Nessa found a SPINE the night before at the site.... ya, weird. So, we ate, talked, enjoyed the outdoors, and headed off to bed.
The next morning, we left early and went to... CRACKER BARREL. It was awesome, I love cracker barrel, the best breakfast ever. We headed back to the city, to go to my show. I had to do a show, but it was ok, we still had a great time. She didn;t really like it, and there were obnoxious kids in front and in back of her, but, it's a kid's show... :-(. Afterwards we headed off to our hotel. It was awesome, as much as it was horrible trying to deal with the underage, immature people working there, the room was perfectly fine. It had a king bed, seperate lving room with sofabed, and a wonderful whirlpool bath. We picked up some mr. bubble on our way out, and we had a great dinner at outback. We were going to go to Gibson's, but thew wait was about 4 hours, grrr. But outback was still wonderful, and hey, had free parking. I then took her out to a bar called Mala-Kahiki. It's a WONDEFUL Tiki bar that serves about 150 different kinds of tropical drinks. We will definitly be going back there. It was great and just so perfect. We went back to the room, enjoyed our whirlpool bath and headed off to bed. When we woke up this morning, it was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. She' at work right now, but it really was just a great getaway.
She leaves to go to Hawaii this week and we to Vegas the next, it'll be a wonderful few next weeks. Rachelle should have gotton hear about 2 hours ago to take some pictures for this photo assignment, but she never showed up, great boss, huh? Ya, she's the store manager, hmmm. I'll be picking Ness up soon, and I have amtg. at work later, hopefully she'll be able to let me know what's up.

the mark of a new era

So... for those of you who have gone out to dinner with me, or just eaten with me, you probably know I'm that "semi-vegetarian" thing. Well... Nessa being the girl she is, may have changed that forever.
We went to a restaurant yesterday and she decided to order a prime sirloin steak. Because se did that, I ordered fish (she doesn't really like fish). I thought the steak would be hers and the fish would be mind. I had her try a bit offish, and in turn she made me try a little steak. Well, it was amazing! I ended up eating more of her steak than she did.
We called my parents to tell them, they laughed, but were interested that I have pretty much opened up my world to new options. They used to be vegetarian for diet reasons, and have gone back to eating meat, my brother and I did not h0owever. But I founs out WHY I stopped. I always thought differently, but it was because I was disgusted by the fact that ribs came from a pig... I guess it doesn't really bother me right now. I will stick with beef and not pork (nessa doesn't eat pork anyway), but it's oddly weird how excited I am to be eating steak now. It's pretty overwheling actually. Just imagine, for over 15 years, never looking at certain menu items, and now they just appear in front of you...


So, last year, I took Survey, which is one of the harder classes in the theatre school academically. Almost everyone hates taking it and a lot of people have to take it over again... I was one of those people... for the 1st quarter only, thank god. Well, I just got my grade... I GOT A B!!!! Not only can I relax and be sure that I will graduate, but I also made the Dean's list this quarter!!!
On top of all that, when I went to meet Nessa up at NU last nigth it started snowing. The schnee was so beautiful. It kept snowing all night. There's a couple inches on the ground... nice and white and just asking to be made a snowball. This has turned out to be an awesome day!

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after 9 years, my Jansport backpack has finally died... R.I.P Stimpy

Houdini is loving the new apartment, he's out ALL the time, and Nessa and him are bonding, it's quite cute. I made a you tube video of him, go see it!!!

I realized, I haven;t really stopped working professional SM jobs since last October... wow.

It's really cold outside, but for some odd reason, really hot inside, and I don't think the heat is on yet... hmmmmm

I want Casey, the adorable cocatoo at my store

Ok, enough of the random thoughts going through my head

it only got better

So, yesterday night sucked... I remmeber staggering home, talking to "Homeless Bob" YELLING at a cab, puking my heart out, and somehow falling asleep. I think i got to sl;eep around 2:30 or so, and then I woke up at 5am to fly out... but it only got better from there.
I got to Ohare WAY early, so I check to see if i could get on standby for the earlier flight. I flew United. Well, they got me on the flight before and as the lady was giving me my ticket, she grined at me and said, "Merry Christmas" in a sly little voice. I got on teh plane.... went to me seat... 6A... FIRST CLASS! It kicked ASS!! I got an omlette for breakfast, they hung up my jacket in teh coat check place, I got juice in nice classy glasses, a really cool crystal salt and pepper shaker with my meal, Strawberries, pinapple, roasted potatoes, and REALLY soft crossaint, great tea, and a free back of Starbucks Christmas blend coffee. The seat was HUGE and reclined like none other. Extra padding with a cool headrest, the bathroom nice and BIG, filled with potpurie, cologne, mouthwash, and classy soap. The people were SO nice. I haven't been able to say this... ever... but I felt BETTER getting off the flight than I did getting on, it was so cool... It's kinda gonna suck to go back to coach, but I think I needed the extra treatment today or I would still have a pounding headache.
I drove to Nessa's in teh Jetta, didn't stall, stammer, and jerk the car once, I love it. Got nessa her stuff and came home to see the parental units, bird, dog, etc. I'm gonna go wrap some gifts and spend tme with my deaf dog... ya, Moose is deaf now, but he's still as active as ever... you just have to get his attention and use hand signals... poor Moose:-( Lindsay, hopefully I can see you in the next 3 days, don't know what's the schedule.


Let me just say:
A jew at an open bar is not a good thing...
I had WAY too much to drink, was puking it all up last night... and am flying out to LA right now... but...
Vanessa is the BEST girlfriend in the ENTIRE world and stayed on teh phone with me through the whole damn thing.. thank you Vanessa, I love you so much.
I'm ok, other than the BIGGEST hangover in the entire world and I have to leave in a few.

I am SO SORRY about the Dishes Nessa's and Becca, I didn't have time to get to them, i didn't think I would be doing eveything this morning.

Vodka, you are not my friend right now.. actually... go curl up and die.

10 Things that make my day glorious

In no particular order...
1. Rollerblading on a fall day in Chicago
2. Relaxing on the lake
3. Random trips with friends
4. Going out on random adventures with Nessa
5. Hearing from friends that I haven't heard from in awhile
6. having people respect me as a stage manager
7. Going to a class that I really enjoy
8. A nice massage
9. Making other people smile
10. Actually having free time to relax

jaw dropping on floor.......

I got it!!!!!!!!!!! I got the job!!!!!!!!!! I'm now the Stage Manager of an off-broadway show with no closing date scheduled! check them out, I have rehearsal tonight, (1st night) and we OPEN in 2 1/2 weeks on Nov 3rd. Intense, but it'll be wonderful I'm sure!
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